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Bag Making Machine

The bag making machine refers to a machine for various plastic bags or other material packaging bags. The processing range is for various sizes of plastic or other materials with different specifications. Generally, plastic bags are the main products.
Made of premium aluminum alloy, the machine is capable of high strength and strong construction. And it is durable that it is resistant to corrosion, water, dust and oxygen, which is able to maintain intact and same as the new one.
With the scientific and ergonomic design, the bag making machine is available to perform steadily with excellent results. And it is convenient to operate that one person is enough to handle with the machine. Besides, it is of guaranteed quality.
As a professional and reliable manufacturer of bag making machines in China, our company is able to provide the products with high quality and cheap price since we have strict standards.
  • Bread Bag Bag Making Machine

    Bread Bag Bag Making Machine

    1、The overall structure adopt 10#channel iron.
    2、Microcomputer controller, Chinese&English interface.

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  • BOPP Bag Making Machine

    BOPP Bag Making Machine

    1、Computer control full automatically, touch screen and human-machine interface, it adopt steel plate which laser technology.
    2、Feed wheel are controlled by Servo motor, the...

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  • T-shirt Bag Making Machine

    T-shirt Bag Making Machine

    Use :Automatic Shopping Bag Production Line is suitable for hot sealing and cutting both monochrome and color plastic film ,which make of HDPE ,LDPE .

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  • Handle Soft Bag Machine

    Handle Soft Bag Machine

    The machine adopts pneumatic system for controlling. And it adopts PLC and touch screen control system for the purpose of easy operation.
    The machine is a kind of handle bag maker with the...

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  • Patch Bag Making Machine

    Patch Bag Making Machine

    This machine has four functions (soft loop handle bag, patch handle bag, poly draw handle bag, die cut handle bag). It is coupled with machinery ,light ,electronic and...

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  • Middle Sealing Bag Making Machine

    Middle Sealing Bag Making Machine

    Equipped with Pneumatic multi-function auto punching device, trim cutting and auto rewinding and static eliminator, the middle sealing bag making machine is able to work intelligently with short...

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  • Rubbish Bag Making Machine

    Rubbish Bag Making Machine

    The bag making machine is suitable for production the drum-linkage rubbish bag , with break points on the folded back, automatic coreless roll replacement, according to set number of each volume,

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  • Garbag Bag Making Machine with Cope

    Garbag Bag Making Machine with Cope

    This machine is producing rolling bag.Also can make garbage bag,vegetable bag .Fully automatic exchange system can reduce the labour force,in the excellent servo driven system,it is the best...

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  • Folding Machine

    Folding Machine

    1、It is specially designed for sandwich folding of OPP、CPP、PE、POF, easy to operate, synchronixing motor for running, feeding smoothly.

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  • Double Lines Side Sealing Machine

    Double Lines Side Sealing Machine

    1、The overall structure adopt steel plate which laser processed.
    2、The machine adopt PLC controller, touch screen.

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  • Double Servo Bag Making Machine

    Double Servo Bag Making Machine

    The bag making machine is especially designed with double servo that it is able to produce the high quality bags with guaranteed quality which is available to operate easily and...

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  • Small Bag Making Machine

    Small Bag Making Machine

    The small bag making machine adopts microcomputer control that the material is pulled by stepping motor.(Servo motor control system can be selected and equipped)
    It is available to work...

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