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Global Injection Molding Machine Market Competition Pattern

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Recently, the author's mind often emerge a map, a picture entitled "Global injection molding machine market competition pattern." This picture, such as the daughter of rock general pressure in my heart.

This picture is very simple, very profound, a four-story pyramid, representing the global injection molding machine market forces distribution. From top to bottom, followed by Europe, North America, Japan, China's dominant enterprises, Taiwan-funded enterprises and China's technologically backward enterprises. Another way to express that the first echelon is Arburg, Engel, KraussMaffei, mighty. Battenfeld and Demag; the second echelon is Husky, Milacron and Sumitomo; the third echelon is Haitian International, Iraq's secret war and competitions; the fourth echelon a large number of backward technology companies.

The former two represent the most advanced technologies in the injection molding machine industry. They occupy an important position in the high-end market of injection molding machines and drive the development of the injection molding machine industry. The injection molding machine industry leader Haitian International, Iraq's secret, Zhenxiong and Li Jin, and other enterprises in recent years has gradually gained international recognition and gradually emerge in the mid-market, market share, but a large number of Chinese injection molding machine Enterprises are still struggling in the low-end areas of survival, relying on the price to occupy the low-end market.

This shows that by the national policy, the optimization and adjustment of industrial structure and the dynamic impact of the international market, China's injection molding machine industry as a whole to good development, an obvious increase. However, according to the import and export data and targets released by China Customs, we can see that due to the limited technical level and international reputation, injection molding machines in China are mainly exported to developing countries. Only a small amount of exports to developed countries such as Europe and the United States have not occurred Big changes happen.

We are excited at their own progress, we can not ignore the progress of others, not only we are running! Nowadays, with the rapid development of intelligence, all countries recognize the importance of industrial intelligence and make corresponding decisions. China has "Made in China 2025" and Germany has Industry 4.0. Therefore, do not let your progress blur your eyes. Whether in the country emerging from the industrial revolution or the backward countries in the industrial revolution, it is profoundly aware of its importance History and now is the best proof.

Although China's injection molding machine business is still not as sophisticated enterprises, but its growth can not be ignored. In the first half of CHINAPLAS2017, intelligent injection molding machine has become the focus of attention of all parties. Haitian International, Iraq's Secret, Zhenxiong, Keya, Borch, Xin Shida, Li Jin and Bell exhibited a number of CNC, intelligent, automated products, efficient data acquisition and intelligent manufacturing for different customers with To economic and strength improvement.

China's injection molding machine industry has been booming since the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period. As an important market for the production, manufacture and sale of injection molding machines, the injection molding machine industry in China has gained a living, improved and increased annual export value And the shrinking trade deficit all illustrate that in the globalization and industrial revolution, Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers have joined the international market war and are ambitious and eager to reshape the position of Chinese presses in the international market in the new context , The international status of global presses enterprise "Card Battle" is fiercely staged!

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