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Non-woven Bag Making Machine According To The Use Of Different Products Can Be Divided Into:

- Sep 15, 2017 -

1, Non-woven Bag series: Non-woven non-woven bags, Non-woven bags, non-woven shopping bags.

2, Non-woven Bag Series: Non-woven file bags, environmental protection shopping bags, packaging bags, non-woven handbags.

3, Non-woven Products series: Non-woven storage boxes, Non-woven storage boxes, Non-woven suit sets-Non-woven suit sets.

4, Jewelry Bag series: gift bags, drawstring bags, jewelry bags, flannel bags, perfume bags, pens, jewelry bags.

5, Apron Series: Advertising apron, polyester apron, cotton apron, PVC apron, hanging network apron.

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