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- Sep 15, 2017 -


1, the machine adopts imported PLC, the Man-machine interface centralized control. Stable performance, easy to operate and maintain. The operation interface can switch between English and Chinese.

2, all the parameters are real-time display Man-machine interface, can be preset bag speed, bag length, temperature, count, finished delivery and so on.

3, LPC automatic rectification, double photoelectric tracking discharge, automatic constant tension control AC frequency conversion constant speed automatic feeding.

4, the import double servo drag material control.

5, upper and lower sealing voltage AC inverter Motor drive.

6, the temperature uses the PID adjustment, the 0~300℃ adjustable, the Non-contact automatic control, the human-machine interface centralism set up.

7. The temperature is controlled centrally by the computer.

8, pneumatic multi-function automatic punching, edge material removal automatic collection, with electrostatic elimination device.

9, Working mode: fixed-length bag, photoelectric tracking bag

10, Punching mode: can set continuous, interval, stop, stamping time can be preset

11, the Way of times: one to six times times send.

12, the Batch function: The worktable has the batch function, the batch quantity can be preset.

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