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Printing Machine

The printing machine refers to the machine for printing text and images that it is available to print your own logo and motto. With the scientific design, the equipment is convenient to operate with high working efficiency, which can greatly enhance the productivity.
Designed with the premium aluminum alloy frame, the printing machine is able to have high strength to make sure the long-term operation, making it endurable and cost effective. Superior quality, as well as excellent performance with fine results, it is a good solution for the industrial applications.
It works by first making a plate and a graphic to be printed on a printing press, and then applying the ink to the place where the text and image are printed on the printing plate by hand or by a printing machine, and then directly or indirectly Printed on paper or other substrates (such as textiles, sheet metal, plastic, leather, wood, glass, and ceramics) to replicate the same print as the plate.
As a professional and reliable manufacturer of printing machines in China, our company is able to provide the products with high quality and cheap price since we have strict standards.