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Slitting Machine

The slitting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that cuts wide paper, mica tape or film into a plurality of narrow-width materials. It is commonly used in papermaking machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery. The main application of slitting machine is: non-woven fabric; mica tape, paper, insulating material and various film materials, especially suitable for narrow tape (non-woven fabric, paper, insulating material, mica tape, film, etc.) cut.
The middle part of the paper tube slitting machine is equipped with a spindle for processing a paper tube. The front end of the spindle is fixed on the base by a set of bearings, and a pulley is installed in the middle of a set of bearings; a compression cylinder is installed at a position close to the base, and the support of the cylinder A set of support rod bearings are mounted on the upper end of the rod to support the main shaft.
As a professional and reliable manufacturer of slitting machines in China, our company is able to provide the products with high quality and cheap price since we have strict standards.
  • High Speed Automatic Slitting Machine

    High Speed Automatic Slitting Machine

    surface loading slitting machine can slit small roll material,such as plastic film,glassine,paper,paper,slit to many clean smaller roll,the minmum slitting width is 5mm

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  • High Speed Gravure Printing Unit

    High Speed Gravure Printing Unit

    High speed gravure printing unit use: This machine is suitable for multi-color continuous printing of roll materials with excellent printing performance such as tipping paper, cellophane, BOPP,...

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  • High Speed Slitting Machine

    High Speed Slitting Machine

    High speed slitting machine use: This machine is suitable for cutting of various material materials such as BOPP, PET, CPP, PVC, etc. Features: 1. The electrical control system adopts imported PLC...

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  • Film Slitting Machine

    Film Slitting Machine

    The film slitting machine adopts microcomputer control, which is capable of photoelectric automatic rectifying deviation, automatic counting, auto stopping when reaches preset meter, magnetic...

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  • Horizontal Slitting Machine

    Horizontal Slitting Machine

    It is mainly suitable for slitting plastic film, stick paper, non-woven, aluminum foil, insulator paper and photo-sensitive material.

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  • Vertical Film Slitting Machine

    Vertical Film Slitting Machine

    The equipment is made with the PLC touch screen, which is quite convenient to operate the machine, user-friendly. With the simple interface, it is easy to use, improving the working...

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